Navigation Menu


The navigation menu contains all important selectable components at a glance.

The content displayed depends on the user rights and the naming of the defined model disciplines, the geometry and the data definition.


Project Guidelines
Contains all guidelines available to the user. The content of the table of project guidelines depends on the rights defined for BIMQ access and for the guidelines.



Displays general information about the current project. If necessary, certain information about the project can be changed.


Project Components

Information about Actors, Project Phases and BIM Use Cases can be called up, changed or entered here.


Model Components

All geometric and alphanumeric information can be created, structured and managed in the model components. It is also possible to assign the information to a specific model.



The information requirements defined in the model components are mapped here and assigned to the various BIM use cases.



Here you can output reports as PDF documents for EIR, software templates for ARCHCAD and Revit and test rules as mvdXML or CSV formats for Solibri.


With this menu item you can set the language to be used for the BIMQ interface.


Account & Help

This area enables you to control your profile and access data, to export documentation from BIMQ or to log out of BIMQ.