Step 5: Assign Use Cases

The assignment of the use cases takes place in the fifth step and can be called up under the menu item Project Setup > Assign Use Cases. Here the BIM use cases and project phases defined in step 2 are linked with one another. It is displayed in the form of a matrix in which all defined use cases are listed vertically on the left side. All project phases are shown horizontally on the top of the right side. If you now select an appropriate combination, you can choose between two basic settings. These are each identified by a symbol or an X symbol.

The basic setting with the
symbol means that the relevant combination of use case and project phase is assigned to the BIM project, but no information requirements are defined for it. If, on the other hand, you choose the option with the X symbol, additional data requirements can be used for the combination of use case and project phase. The definition of these information requirements or which information is to be linked to a specific combination of use case and project phase is explained in "Step 8: Assignment of the Project Requirements".


Further information about: Assign Use Cases can be found at the section Project Setup.

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