The data export is the last step in the BIMQ workflow and can be output for different applications. The following data can be output under the menu item Documentation: 

  • Reports 

  • Software Templates 

  • Checking Rules 

All project requirements can be output separately according to project phases, actors and BIM use cases. 

Reports are generated in PDF format and can be used as an attachment for a detailed EIR / BEP. BIMQ offers you different types of reports that can be edited and exported in the desired level of detail. 
With Software Templates, project requirements, i.e. properties and their assignment to the corresponding elements, can be transferred to the respective BIM modeling software (Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD, ProVI). Depending on the modeling software used, different files can be generated in text format (.txt) or XML format (.xml). 

Checking rules are used to check the various discipline models in Model Checker tools such as the Solibri Model Checker, BIMcollab ZOOM or Desite MD PRO. Output in mvdXML format (buildingSMART) is also possible and can be used for checking tools such as simplebim or XBIM Xplorer. The checking rules check whether the elements, property groups and properties defined in the project requirements are available in the IFC model, or whether the properties have been assigned a value.