Step 6: Assign Discipline Models

In the next step, the information defined in the model components is assigned to the respective discipline models. This menu item can be called up under Project configuration > Assign Discipline Models. In the view, the model components are shown in the form of a tree structure on the left side. The representation describes the structure made in "Step 3: Structuring the Model Components" and thus depicts the library used in BIMQ. On the right side there is an overview of all information requirements defined in the project, broken down according to the individual discipline models. The display is also in the form of a tree structure and includes all data that are to be linked to the respective discipline model (Objects, Geometries, Property Sets and Properties).



The assignment of the area Model Components (project library) to the individual discipline models in the area Project Requirements is quick and easy using the drag & drop functionality. The corresponding components are simply pulled from the library area to the project requirements and stored. In order to correctly define the project requirements, a certain structural order must be adhered to, which is explained below. 

  1. The topmost tree node is always identified by a specific discipline model. The type of this node is therefore also defined as a "Model" in the area Model Components.

  2. Individual elements are then assigned to the discipline model. Here it is of course also possible to assign a whole group of elements. 

  3. Geometry definitions and property groups including properties can then be assigned to each element. Here you have the option of accepting a group with all sub-elements or of influencing the number of elements to be transferred by selecting or deselecting them. However, it is not possible to assign entire catalogs, for example a property catalog with subgroups of property lists and properties. Only individual groups can be assigned to an element.  

The figure shows the assignment of various model components from the library area to a specific discipline model of the area project requirements. The order structure shown here must be adhered to.


Further information about: Assign Discipline Models can be found at the section Project Setup.

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