Solibri PlugIn

Changelog for BIMQ's Solibri PlugIn

Version: 0.17 (2023-12-05)

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  • When using classifying properties in BIMQ, such elements where not found by the Solibri PlugIn when the classifying property was existent in multiple property sets in the IFC file. To mitigate this, a new setting was added to enforce the check of the containing property set as well:


Version: 0.16 (2023-08-23)

Note: This version has no official release



The Solibri API has some strong limitations regarding validation of user input in the PlugIn settings. This lead us to the conclusion that it is better to disable or limit the validations:

  • Removed path validation for file settings completely

  • Only check the BIMQ server URL when a trailing slash / is used in the url. Solibri checks the URL with every key stroke which makes changing the URL nearly impossible by typing.


  • Fixed some typos and translations

  • Added the PlugIn version number to the settings dialog