BIMQ 2.11

Version: BIMQ 2.11.15

Date: 2024-04-12

Bug fixes

Templates & Requirements

  • Quality of live improvements in the handling of template & requirements trees.

  • Settings that only applied to templates or requirements were not saved correctly. This resulted in a previous setting being lost. This has now been fixed.

Software templates

  • The export for the software templates (Revit AIA Editor) could not handle all special characters correctly. These are now exported correctly.


  • The endpoint for the API to query use cases did not output the translation. This has now been fixed.

Version: BIMQ 2.11.14

Date: 2024-04-09

Bug fixes


  • Some changes have caused an incorrect behavior during excel import. These affected: Revit - GUID column, IFC columns and translations.

User profile

  • The password change was chosen too strictly (especially for special characters). We have corrected this so that any other character can be used. (Please still prefer to use the "Dashboard" to change your password).

Software templates

  • Error messages for the export to DiRoots have been adjusted. These now contain more specific information about possible missing or invalid mappings.

Version: BIMQ 2.11.13

Date: 2024-03-12


  • More stable Excel import if cell formatting was changed

Bug fixes


  • Changing units was not possible for some Properties, if Restrictions (Values) were defined


  • Some XML exports did not escape the & character properly

  • Removed outdated IDS 0.9.3 export in preparation for IDS 0.9.7


2.11.13-1 (2024-03-21)

  • More stable Revit GUID import

Version: BIMQ 2.11.12

Date: 2024-03-04


  • IFC 4.3 is now offically available to be added in the project settings

  • Revit GUIDs

    • Are now exported via Excel-Export when exporting the Revit mapping

    • Can also be imported again in the templates.
      Note: GUIDs of built-in parameters are not exported.
      Note: If the GUID column is completely removed via "delete column" before the import, no GUIDs are changed.


  • PDF reports und checking rules: Fast selection of all purposes of a phase



  • In some cases the content in the Excel-Export was shifted one column to the right


  • Only projects using the Default Use Case: When exporting PDFs or Checking Rules (except IDS) all requirements defined in the Default Use Case where missing

Version: BIMQ 2.11.11

Date: Published together with 2.11.12


  • The settings (column configuration) in the templates and requirements are now displayed as an overlay and no longer move the view downwards

Version: BIMQ 2.11.10

Date: 2024-02-14


  • Templates and Requirements:

    • Counter next to the search field to show how many concepts are currently selected

    • Added Button to start search via mouse click (pressing enter key works like before as well)

  • Requirements:

    • New context menu option to select all concepts that have the same template (also works for multiple selected concepts). This works best with the mass assignment menu:

Version: BIMQ 2.11.9

Date: 2024-02-07


  • API: Two new endpoints provide easy access to Revit and IFC mappings wihtout having to know the mapping_id:

    • IFC :/api/v1/contexts/{context_id}/map_items/ifc
      If possible and reasonable type, p_set, property_name and property_type are listed separately

    • Revit: /api/v1/contexts/{context_id}/map_items/revit
      If possible and reasonable revit_unit, reference_name, built_in_parameter and revit_guid are listed separately

Bug fixes

  • Export of Desite MD cchecking rules: Some elements with Classification by Property were exported with data type xs:long in place of the actual data type

  • Templates for Phases, Use Cases and Actors: When using the Template Import, it was not possible to list other projects for importing

Version: BIMQ 2.11.8

Date: 2024-02-01

Bug fixes

  • IDS export: Enumerations not assigned to IfcAttribute were not exported

Version: BIMQ 2.11.7

Date: 2024-01-25


  • Smaller performance improvements when loading Templates or Requirements

  • When using MInimum Requirements, the minimum use case is now listed first in the respective phase consistently

Version: BIMQ 2.11.6

Date: 2024-01-22


  • For better orientation in the requirements, delimitations between the respective project phases are now presented:

Bug fixes

  • Some IFC-based exports like Desite or BIMCollab, sometimes did not work when using the IFC option Additional classification by Property if there was a space in the Value field

  • The width of individual table columns was not saved for some users

Version: BIMQ 2.11.5-1

Date: 2024-01-10

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Project Dashboard - The processing in the diagram of the phase analysis may not have been correct. Now the correct code of the phase is displayed.

  • Excel Export - The resolution of IFC mappings can be deactivated. This can be done in the export dialog under the menu Extended Settings and the option Resolve & check IFC notation. However, the modeled IFC mappings are no longer checked with this disabled option.

Version: BIMQ 2.11.4

Date: 2024-01-10

Improvements and bug fixes

Project Setup:

  • When importing the project setup via Excel file, properties and geometries were not assigned in some cases if all other properties or geometries in the same group were removed during the import.


  • The option Resolve & Check IFC-Notation does not show Psets belonging to a certain Predefined Type as error any longer.
    Example of such wrong error message:

  • Objects with Predefined Type are now also shown in italic font.
    This was not the case so far:

Version: BIMQ 2.11.3

Date: 2024-08-01

Improvements and bug fixes

  • minor improvements made in the dashboard area

Version: BIMQ 2.11.0

Date: 2023-12-20

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Some users could not add any new mapping to their project (Software, IFC)

  • Some performance optimizations (loading the unit list and IFC list, some exports and more)