Step 8: Assignment of the Project Requirements

Once the assignment of the desired model components to the specific discipline models has been completed, or the mapping to the required software, classifications, languages and interface format has been completed, the requirements can be linked to the various combinations of project phases and use cases. This process is defined as "Step 8: Assignment of the Project Requirements" and can be called up under the menu item Project Requirements. The definition of these combinations is explained in "Step 5: Assign Use Cases". In the toolbar, under the tab Requirements Table > Milestones and use cases, all project phases and BIM use cases defined in step 5 are displayed. By activating the desired checkbox, the corresponding combination is subsequently displayed in the requirements table. 

The assignment of project requirements to the various combinations of use case and project phase is done by clicking in the relevant column. If this requirement is set, this is indicated by a green tick symbol. The following figure shows the assignment of the information requirements to the various combinations of use case and project phase.


Note: For a correct and error-free data export (Reports, Software Templates, Checking Rules) it must be ensured that all columns that are required have a mapping definition. This applies to information on the unit used, software (Revit, Allplan, ArchiCAD ...) and the IFC scheme (IFC2X3, IFC4). 

Further information on the area "Assigning Project Requirements" can be found at the section Requirements.

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