Excel export of the requirements view

In the Requirements area, relationships can be established between different concept types. These are used to represent the basic requirements of a directive. 


The export shows the relationships between different concept types. In this way, relations between: 


  • Element to discipline Model 

  • Element to Property 

  • Element to Geometry 

 are displayed. 


An Excel export of the requirements table is also possible and can be used from the license model “M”. The export of the requirements table offers various possibilities. Among other things, the data can be passed on to project participants who have no direct access to BIMQ. The figure shows an example of the view of the requirements table in BIMQ. 


The export of the request view as an Excel table is available under the tab Documentation > Reports > Export. Here you can choose whether the information of all models or only a discipline model should be exported. 


The exported Excel table gives an overview of the different models and a detailed view of the selected discipline models. The table thus represents 1:1 reproduction of the request view from BIMQ.


The Excel table is used primarily for the transfer of data. For this reason, an import into BIMQ is not possible.