BIMQ 2.7

Version: BIMQ 2.7.11

Datum: 2023-03-30


  • BIMQ knowledgebase is moving: instead of Centraldesk we are now using HelpSpace

  • Support requests will be answered from now on at

Version: BIMQ 2.7.10

Datum: 2023-03-17


Improvements and bug fixes

  • Solibri Plugin: The plugin was no longer usable with certain IFC mappings

  • PDF-Export: Languages (translations) as well as Custom (user-defined) mappings are now exported again

  • API: More clients added

Version: BIMQ 2.7.9

Date: 2023-02-22

Improvements and bug fixes

  • When adding new users to an organization, since version 2.7.8 the invitation email was sent to the inviting person instead of the new user

  • Administrators of an organization ("organisation manager") can now see, copy and delete all projects of their own organization and edit metadata (e.g. project name). They can also add, edit and remove users (including themselves) in all projects.

  • API: More clients added

Version: BIMQ 2.7.8

Date: 2023-02-17



  • Excel Import: It is now possible to import mappings - as far as this can be done via Excel:

    • IFC

    • Software

    • Translations (including the description)

    • Classifications (except external, such as from the bSDD).

    • Custom Mappings


  • New export for checking rules: IDS (version 0.9.3 as preview)

Improvements and bug fixes


  • For some users who were not yet assigned to a project, the project list could not be accessed

  • Some fixes in the French translation

  • Improved feedback when adding and removing users from an organization (especially when adding multiple users at once - possible with comma-separated mail addresses)

  • Resetting the password is now also possible on the demo server


  • Unification of the user interface in project settings

  • When creating a new project, an individual project logo is now displayed immediately 

 Project setup

  • Accidental deletion of requirements by pressing DEL button is now prevented by a warning message

  • Loading large requirement trees is now more stable and faster


  • In all exports, any leading or trailing white space (spaces, tabs, etc.) in name, code and description is removed for better compatibility.

  • Excel Export: When exporting empty groups, a warning message is no longer displayed when opening the file in Excel


  • Clearer feedback to clients when an incorrect variant was specified for export

Version: BIMQ 2.7.7

Date: 2023-01-24

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Excel export:

    • If both IFC mappings and Units were selected in the export dialog, the units were output incorrectly in some cases

    • If mappings cannot be resolved, they are marked as [MAPPING ERROR] in the Excel file.
      Example: Naming a User Defined Property Set (IFC) starting with the reserved prefix Pset_.

  • Authorization of the Solibri plug-in no longer fails for new logins

Version: BIMQ 2.7.6

Date: 2023-01-20

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Many adjustments in the background for more stability and future performance improvements

  • Tooltips are now displayed correctly when hovering the mouse over certain elements


  • Importing requirements via Excel file did not work for some older projects

 Project setup

  • When adding a disciplin model as a requirement, the project requirements view is now updated immediately

  • Copying concepts sometimes failed without further feedback since version 2.7.5


  • Excel: The status of a project is now translated correctly (Draft, Published, etc.)

  • Excel: Combinations of project phase and use case selected in the dialog box are listed on the cover sheet

  • Dialog Bimplus: Width of fields adjusted for better readability & partially broken layout corrected


  • News are now sorted by date per default

Version: BIMQ 2.7.5

Date: 2023-01-11

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Table column widths are now saved for all views within a project

Project Setup

  • Importing the project configuration via Excel file no longer fails without further notice (only a white page was displayed after the upload)


  •  Excel export: 

    • Visual highlighting of requirements from minimum requirements in the Excel file using a star symbol. 

    •  The use case for minimum requirements is now also displayed in the export dialogue to indicate that it is always exported. This is greyed out and listed only if present.

    • On the cover sheet (first worksheet of the Excel file), information on mappings is now only displayed if these have also been selected.

    • The formatting of the cell of the actor was not always correct (also applies to the documentation export).


  • Software templates for Bimplus: further bug fixes for problematic Allplan mappings (see also BIMQ version 2.7.0)

Version: BIMQ 2.7.4

Date: 2022-12-22

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Since version 2.7.2 some users experienced missing Descriptions, Mappings for concepts (mostly IFC),  Comments etc. These should now be displayed correctly.

  • Excel import of templates: When importing templates with IFC mappings, the import failed when using the notation with a hash, e.g. #.MyProperty.

Version: BIMQ 2.7.3

Date: 2022-12-20

Improvements and bug fixes

Project Setup

  • Export of the project setup as Excel file: if only one specific discipline model was selected via the "Project Setup" menu, only this discipline model  is exported 

  • Importing the project setup as Excel file always showed an error message regardless of the result


  • Sometimes too many requirements were displayed when exporting requirements as an Excel file

Software Templates

  • The export for software templates now shows all elements to be exported in the element selection again

Version: BIMQ 2.7.2

Date: 2022-12-14

Improvements and bug fixes

Templates and Requirements

  • The default column width is now limited for all columns (e.g. in templates or requirements). Individual columns can still be dragged to any width, but are no longer displayed too wide by default.

  • Search: The maximum number of search hits is now limited to 250 hits per page. The loading of search hits should now be a bit faster. Unfortunately, the occurrence of incorrect search results has not yet been completely fixed.

  • Translations: When creating a translation of a component, the dialog is now closed correctly in all cases.


  • Exporting software templates, checking rules or reports (PDF or ODT) is now started in a new window/tab in order to not block the current view.

  • IFC elements with more than one possible Common Pset (e.g. IFC 2X3: IfcElectricMotorType with Pset_ElectricalDeviceCommon and Pset_ElectricMotorTypeCommon) are now also exported correctly

Version: BIMQ 2.7.1

Date: 2022-12-08

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Improved stability for file downloads 

  • For some users, the mapping dialog for software mappings (both in templates and requirements) no longer displayed all options as choices. 

Project configuration

  • The inconspicuous but powerful function Update all requirements (accessible by right-clicking on a concept in the template tree) is now explained in more detail by a tooltip. In addition, the action is executed only after confirming a dialog to prevent accidental execution. The function is available for all templates that are not of type Type

Excel export

  • When exporting as an Excel file, the selection of discipline models (requirements, documentation) or components (templates) is now transferred correctly. 

  • For some older projects with certain software settings the export failed.

  • Automatic line wraps have been added for better readability.

  • A forgotten placeholder in the file name has been removed. 

Excel import

  • Units are now also imported correctly for newly added concepts of the type Property.

Version: BIMQ 2.7.0

Date: 2022-12-07


Import, export and documentation using Excel files

Now, finally, import and export as well as documentation of templates and requirements in projects via Excel have been completely revised:

  • Design, clarity and performance for import and export of Excel files have been massively improved:

    • More efficient use of space within Excel worksheets 

    • Automatic filtering and sorting by values in the table header 

    • Optical highlighting of requirements from minimum requirements 

  • Extensive customization options are now available for exporting an Excel file, including:

    • Switching on and off various columns 

    • Output of values either as simple list or line by line (only documentation as well as requirement export) 

    • Selection of any number of discipline models, mappings, phases and use cases 

  • It is now possible to define requirements by Phase + use case directly in Excel and re-import them 

  • When importing templates, both 'old' and new Excel files are still temporarily importable 

  • The 'old' Excel export and import of the project configuration (assignment of templates to discipline models) can now actually be found in the project configuration in a new tab

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Password reset was no longer possible for some users 

  • Revision of some translations, especially in exports (reports) 


  • If a user's role does not allow the deletion of actors, phases and use cases, this is now uniformly indicated by a grayed out 'Delete' icon. 

Templates and requirements

  • Using a classification from the bSDD: The mapping dialog for certain catalogs of the bSDD is now displayed correctly again.

  • Import of requirements from another project did not work for elements with different mappings. 

  • Users with the 'Developer' role could not change mapping assignments for individual components.


  • Export of software templates for Bimplus: If properties with incompatible Allplan mappings are present in a project, this caused the export to fail. Incompatible mappings are now skipped and the user is warned with a note.


  • The API v1 now also exports the lost field code for Phases