Adjustments within a discipline model


Certain specifications made in the templates can be overwritten within each discipline model. These include:

  • Description

  • Picture

  • Constraint

  • IFC-Mapping


Constraints can be adjusted for each property within a discipline model. To do this, proceed as described in Model Component Types in the Value, enumeration and constraints section.

The type of constraint is defined by the template and cannot be adjusted.


The available values of an enumeration are already defined in the templates.

In the project requirements, values that are not needed for this property can be deselected if required. This adjustment only ever applies to the selected property of the element within the active discipline model.


Patterns, Value, Range of Values

Constraints that are not an enumeration can be reset to the template. There are two ways to do this:

  • Option 1: Resetting the input mask and saving (1 and 2 in the image)

  • Option 2: Delete the customization (3 in the image)

Resetting with button (1) offers the option of resetting only the input mask and then making new adjustments before saving.