Use Case Assignment

The various BIM use cases can be assigned to a project phase in the menu item "Use Case Assignment". The menu item "Use Case Assignment" can be called up in the tab Project Components > Use Case Assignment


The functions described here are divided into three areas: Assignment, Description and Import/Export. The use case with a bold font is defined as a "Default Usecase". You can find all information about this at:


In the area "Assignment", the relevant use cases are assigned to the various project phases. The assignment is made by simply clicking the relevant point in the matrix shown. A dialog box opens with various options.


The circle symbol O respectively the Select function defines an assignment that is set but is not used for additional data requirements. The information is only passed on here for the generation of reports. 


Assignments are defined for the symbol X, which are used for additional data requirements. These can be made in the area "Requirements". It is also possible to provide a precise description of the use case in the required project phase. 



All settings are reset by pressing the "Delete" function. The relevant point in the view matrix is identified by a - symbol. 


In the “Description” functional area, all defined combinations of use cases for project phases are listed individually. 



It is possible to provide each combination with an individual description. 


 The Assignment and Description areas can be exported and imported in the form of an Excel table via the “Import/Export” function.