BIMQ 2.9


Version: BIMQ 2.9.1-3

Date: 2023-11-16


  • The checking rule export for Solibri has been adjusted. This only affects the export of German checking rules. Solibri now recognizes more objects. If something is not recognized correctly - please contact us!

Version: BIMQ 2.9.1-1

Date: 2023-10-26

Improvments and bugfixes

  • The IDS export has been adapted with regard to the use of USERDEFINED predefined types. Up to now, the object type had not been output. The output is now correct .(Concerns IDS - Version: 0.9.3 & 0.9.6)

  • An adjustment of the tables was made with update 2.9.1 - the sorting of the columns and a possibly wrong configuration of the width of a table are fixed.

Version: BIMQ 2.9.1

Date: 2023-10-24

Improvments and bugfixes

  • An error for API authorization was fixed. (BIMQ Version: 2.9.0-3)

  • Necessary technical adjustments were made. (Really only interesting for nerds.)

  • The rendering of tables has been improved.

Version: BIMQ 2.9.0-2

Date: 2023-10-18


Alternative actors available

You can now define alternative actors for properties and geometries within a discipline model. A mix of responsibilities is thus available. Learn more about in our documentation (User Interface | Reports).

Project Requirements

  • Assign Actor - provides an improved possibility to assign the actor. At the same time, it is possible to see which alternative actors have been defined for properties and geometries of a discipline model.

  • Excel Integration - also allows to redefine the actors. (You can also do this in connection with changing the requirements).


  • PDF Export - has been extended in this respect and can also be configured in such a way that only a selected service profile and the associated LOIN definition are exported.


  • Endpoint - (accessible via: api/v1/get_concept_tree) was adapted. This now also outputs the information of an actor.

Improvments and bugfixes

IFC - Defintion resolving

  • Has been fixed - which prevented the correct resolution of classified IFC properties. Here, the associated property set may have been output for a property. This affected the export of Solibri (API), IDS and Excel interfaces too.