Optimization of the workflow through "automatic mapping" in the area Project Settings

In order to support the user in defining the information requirements, BIMQ was supplemented with the functionality of automatic mapping. This function can be used at a higher level when defining software and IFC schema or when mapping new created elements and properties.

The automatic mapping for different software products or the IFC scheme can be done in Overview > Project Settings. If the automatic mapping is to be used for a software or IFC scheme, it must be created. In the example, this functionality is shown for the automatic mapping of software and can be transferred analogously to the mapping of IFC.


If the checkbox Data mapping is selected, all elements and properties are automatically defined. For the definition of elements, BIMQ uses the information in the reference guideline of the selected software. The definition of the properties is based on the property's name from the hierarchy tree of the Model Components.

You can find more information about the automatic mapping of individual elements and properties at Step 4: Mapping of the Model Components