BIMQ 2.10

Version: BIMQ 2.10

Date: 2023-12-15


BIMQ Dashboard - available

Our first version of a modified interface is available. You can access this via Dashboard or Project Dashboard. The BIMQ interface has been technically adapted and modernised in this area.

  • Dashboard clear access to your projects

  • Project Dashboard - analyse your work status using various graphics:

    • Template integration: How do you implement your templates in the various discipline models?

    • Phases & project requirements: Analyse the development of your project requirements across the project phases.

    • Software and IFC assignments: Check how completely your project is defined with regard to these mappings.

  • API documentation - the current version of our API documentation (version 01) is available (but not yet complete) (this can also be accessed via api/v1/help, i.e. JSON).

DiRoots Export - available

DiRoots Export is now available for Revit in the software templates area. If you use this Revit plugin, you can improve your workflow.