Assign responsible actors to discipline models

This document has been updated with BIMQ - version 2.9.0.

Do you want to change responsibilities for an entire discpline model or for selected project requirements (properties | geometries)? You can find out more about this here.

Responsibility of the discpline models

  • Select the Project Requirements option in the ribbon (1).

  • Now select the menu item Assign actor (2)

grafik.png on the assignment of responsibility for actors

  • You can then assign or adjust a actor in the column Owner. Note: If alternative actors have been defined within a discipline model, this is indicated by [actor] *.

Further steps for processing a actor

Now select the owner of a discipline model (or the placeholder) and the following dialog (1) enables further editing:

grafik.pngDialog for adjusting the assignment of a service profile

  • Table (2) lists properties or geometries that are assigned to an alternative actor.

    Hinweis: Dies wird nur angezeigt, wenn bereits das Fachmodell einem Leistungsbild zugeordnet gewesen ist. Weiterhin muss einer Eigenschaft oder Geometrie ein abweichendes Leistungsbild zugeordnet gewesen sein.

  • Note: This is only displayed if the discipline model has already been assigned to a actor. Furthermore, a property or geometry must have been assigned to a different actor.

  • The selection menu (3) provides you with the available actors. Here you can now make the desired change.

  • You can also use the selection box (4) to assign all alternative actors to the new actor.

    Note: This step cannot be undone.

Responsibilities within a discipline model

If you would like to define a deviating responsibility in addition to the actor of a discipline model, you can find out more here.

An alternative actor allows responsibilities to be mixed within a discipline model. This enables a cross-discipline model definition of responsibilities.

  • Select the Project Requirements option from the ribbon

  • Under the discipline models menu group, select the discipline model you want to customize


Editing view for the assignment of an alternative actor (including required configuration).

  • Open the Requirement Table (1) tab

  • Then unfold the columns (2) and select the actor (3) selection box. (You are welcome to select other columns that you need for editing).

  • Confirm the settings (4)

  • In the actor column (5), you can now define an alternative actor (6) for selected properties or geometries.

    • If an entry is highlighted in green - an alternative actor is already defined

    • Otherwise the placeholder model author is displayed

    • For further editing, an adjustment is possible via the selection list (here you can choose from all available actors)