Detailed workflow using the example

When importing new or edited data from an Excel table, some rules must be observed. These are explained in detail in the following article: link

The following workflow is suggested for an error-free import to BIMQ: 


Note: The workflow shown is an exemplary import of model elements in the Model Components work area. Adherence to the rules and the procedure is the same when editing the Excel tables and can be applied analogously to all Excel imports. 


1.  Excel export in the desired area 

  • There are certain layout requirements for the import of an Excel table into BIMQ. For this reason, it is advisable to first carry out an export and use the exported table as a template. 

  • First, it should be decided in which area the data should be added or edited. The more detailed the area selection, the clearer the exported Excel table. 


The figure shows the export of an Excel table, exemplary for the area of model components (Model Elements). 

2.  Edit the exported Excel table 

  • The exported Excel table serves as a template and should also be imported back into BIMQ. 

  • In the table, all requirements are specified as a separate column that were made in the project settings. 


You can see the structure and the hierarchical structure of the exported Excel table. 


  • New content can be integrated into the table or existing ones can be adapted. If only new content is to be added, the old content can also be completely deleted. Make sure that the first line is not deleted. New content is appended when importing into BIMQ - no data is deleted. 

  • The hierarchical structure must be maintained. 


  • Any number of hierarchy levels can be created using the "Insert cells" command. 


In the example, the Excel table was expanded to 5 hierarchy levels. The old information was deleted, and new content added. The "Type" column must be filled with the correct content (Model, Group, Object, Geometry (LOG), Property, Value). The correct spelling is also important.  


3.  Import the edited Excel table into BIMQ 

  • The edited Excel table can then be saved and imported into BIMQ. In BIMQ, the successful import is indicated by the note "Model Components imported successfully". 


The new content was successfully imported into BIMQ. Existing information will not be deleted.