Correct organizational structure in the area Model Components

The area Model Components is basically to be understood as a kind of library in which all data requirements are defined once. These data requirements can be supplemented by additional information such as descriptions, mapping in IFC or to a specific software. Since the data defined here can be used several times in the area Project Requirements, it makes sense to define them only once in the model components. This results in an organizational structure that hierarchically separates the different types (Model, Object, Geometry and Properties). The following figure shows how the data in the area Model Components should be structured.



The figure shows a fundamentally incorrect structure, as well as a correct structure recommended by us. In the case of the wrong structure, attributes, level of geometry, property sets and properties are already assigned to an element. If such a structuring is done in the area Model Component, this will lead to errors during the later export. For this reason, we recommend the opposite correct structuring.  

Here Discipline Models, Model Elements, Geometries and Properties are strictly separated from each other. The organization in different hierarchy levels is possible and also makes sense. For example, the main component, Model Elements, can be broken down into various sub-areas such as the areas Architectural Field, Structural Field or MEP Field. In turn, all associated individual elements are stored in the corresponding sub-area. In the hierarchical order, model elements and all associated sub-areas are defined as a Group. All individual elements such as Wall, Door, Window ... are declared as type Object

For the necessary structuring of components, 6 different type definitions can be fundamentally subdivided. These are defined as a Group, Model, Object, Geometry, Property or Value. A value can only be linked to a property and is output in the form of an enumeration list.  

Each user can decide for himself with which content the area Model Components is enriched or how detailed the hierarchical structure is. However, it is recommended to subdivide the main components such as Model Elements, Properties or Discipline Models into separate hierarchy levels. 

The later assignment of different property sets, properties or geometries to a certain element is only done in the workflow described process "Step 6: Assign Discipline Models".