Data table

In the data table, depending on the respective settings in the function bar and the project, all contents or parts of the requirements of the selected guidelines are displayed in tabular form. The first column shows different sub-areas of requirements in a tree structure.

Arrow icon
With the help of the arrow, sub-areas can be opened or closed.


The marking indicates that a row has been selected. Special functions of BIMQ can then be carried out with the selected objects. These include moving or copying rows or entire areas of the data table. You can select rows for later use as follows:


Select a line
Click directly with the left mouse button on the marking field or on the desired line.


Select multiple lines
Hold the Ctrl key and select the desired lines with the left mouse button or click directly with the left mouse button on the marking field.


Select multiple lines as a range
Use the left mouse button to select the first line of the area. Then hold the Shift key and select the last line of the desired area with the left mouse button.


Set column size
The size of the table columns can be set using the left mouse button in the column header (to the left of the column name).


Which columns are to be displayed can be set via the function bar, View tab and Requirements view. The first column is always displayed by default.