Detailed AIA / BAP

Note: with BIMQ version 2.9 it is no longer necessary to select the owner first in order to then be able to select the discipline model. The discipline model can now always be selected independently of the owner.

  1. Click Documentation in the menu bar and then click Reports

  2. In the drop-down list, select the report type

  3. Select the desired discipline model from the discipline model drop-down list:

    • Select a specific discipline model (default): A PDF file will be generated for the selected model.

    • Selecting ...All x discipline models: A ZIP file containing all reports of discipline models with defined requirements will be issued

  4. Select the actor from the actor drop-down list. This is optional.

    • ↗ All assigned discipline model authors is selected by default and contains all owners used in the selected discipline model. Actors (owners) that deviate from the discipline model (see Assign responsible actors to discipline models ) are each labeled with the deviating actor in the report.

    • Selection of a specific owner: Only requirements for this owner are exported.


Now select the wanted Phases and Use Cases and click on Export.