BIMQ 2.8

Version: BIMQ 2.8.14 - 4

Date: 2023-09-19 | 2023-09-20

Improvements and bug fixes

Changes from 2023-09-19

Project Setup - The excel import in Project Setup has not taken the descriptions into account so far. This is now fixed.

IDS export - bugfix IDS export (version: 0.9.6). Units are now capitalized. The schema identicator for properties have also been fixed.

Changes from 2023-09-20

Translations - an error has prevented translations for Actors Phases Use cases could be created.

Template & Project requirements - The fallback for configuring the columns in the templates and requirements has been adjusted. The Code and Type column is now deselectable as long as an additional column to the name column has been configured.

Project requirements - An error in the excel Import prevented that requirements (checkmarks) could be deleted via the import. Deleting via the Excel Import is now possible again. There was an incorrect feedback flashed.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.13

Date: 2023-09-11

Improvements and bug fixes

Note: This version changes may have been delayed and was not available until version 2.8.14.

General - The URL in BIMQ no longer requires the locale to be specified (language shortcut: en / de / fr / no). The locale is also no longer generated. The use of links can now also be done without the locale.

Templates & Requirements - The column width of the BIMQ hierarchy can now be adjusted correctly. Long model names (project requirements) or group names (templates) prevented this before.

IDS - An error when resolving the units in the IDS export has been fixed. Here units were not correctly recognized. This only affects French or Norwegian projects.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.12-1

Date: 2023-09-01

Improvements and bug fixes

Excel Export - the hierarchy column of an excel document can now be filtered in a better way. The direct parent elements are now stored for an entry. This is optional and can be switched off via Extended Settings.

ODT Report - is now available for all allowed user roles.

API - add translations (and codes) for Phases, Purposes and Actors and respond with 404 if context cannot be accessed

Version: BIMQ 2.8.11-2

Date: 2023-08-26

Improvements and bug fixes

Project setup

Copying multiple concepts (in the project setup - requirements) contained an error since version 2.8.10.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.10

Date: 2023-08-15

Improvements and bug fixes

Login / authorizing page

Not all texts were visible on the login page. Especially when assigning a password - possible hints were not displayed so that they are visible.

Software templates

A minor error in the export of software templates (waveware and bimq) has been fixed. Times (hours) are now output with leading zero as soon as this makes sense. (This also affects the file name in the export.)


A bug has been fixed in Solibri Endpoint. (This also affects the Solibri plugin). Only the first purpose was taken into account - all others were ignored. This has now been fixed - all specified Purposes are now taken into account.

Template export (Excel)

Excel export cannot be performed if the column used is selected and no project requests have been made yet. This has been fixed now.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.9-1

Date: 2023-08-09

Bug fixes

Software templates

Revit Shared Parameters Fixed an error that prevented properties that should have been assigned to the "Revit properties" group (fallback group) from being assigned to group 0, which is incorrect. Correct would have been the index of the "Revit properties" group.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.9

Date: 2023-08-08

Improvements and bug fixes

Information Delivery Specification (IDS)

  • The latest IDS version (0.9.6) is now available in addition to version 0.9.3. This is still considered as a pre-release version. We are looking forward to your feedback.

  • Bugfix: An error in the output of attributes has been fixed: now only the attribute name is output. The associated property set is omitted. (This already affects version 0.9.3).

Technical adjustments

  • Necessary technical adjustments were also made. These serve as preparation for future development topics.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.8-2

Date: 2023-08-03

Bug fixes

Export interfaces

  • Software templates - The Actor no longer has any effect on exports. The configuration can now be done directly via the tray model. (The associated Actor is still displayed during selection).

  • Checking rules - Fixed a bug so that now IDS is exported without changing the selection of the Checking rule type. (Previously, mvdXML was still exported).

Project requirements

  • Fixed an error that prevented the page from loading. This happened when the (user) configuration contained a use case that was no longer defined in the project.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.7-6

Date: 2023-07-31

Bug fixes

Software Templates - Revit

  • Revit Shared Parameters An error prevented properties that a Revit mapping did not generate a UUID, insofar as it was missing. Therefore, it may have happened that since version: 2.8.7 - a too small amount of shared parameters was exported.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.7-5

Date: 2023-07-28

Bug fixes

Software Templates - Revit

  • Revit Shared Parameters

    • an error that did not output the unit exactly has been fixed. (Occurred as soon as a specific unit of a unit type was defined). Fixed via version 2.8.7-4 (2023-07-27).

    • The group assignment is not correct if properties have been reordered in the requirements. The group assignment was not correct as soon as they were redefined in the requirements (compared to the templates).

  • This happend since the revision with version 2.8.7. Shared parameter files have to be created again.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.7-3

Date: 2023-07-26

Bug fixes

Software Templates - Revit

  • Revit Shared Parameters - had been exporting Built In parameters since the revision with version 2.8.7. This was not correct and has now been fixed. This error may have caused a problem when importing via the AIA Editor.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.7-2

Date: 2023-07-25

Bug fixes

Project Requirements

  • When a usage (check mark) was defined in the project requirements and then the groups were collapsed. The set usage was "disappeared". Only after reloading the page was this taken into account. This has now been fixed.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.7-1

Date: 2023-07-24

Bug fixes

Software Templates

  • When uploading an Excel file to the templates, an error message was not generated correctly when the project contained duplicate entries.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.7

Date: 2023-07-21

Improvements and bug fixes

Software Templates

  • Revit Shared Parameters - Export has been revised and is now available with a significantly improved performance.

  • New software type: waveware aviliable - if you are interested please contact us.

  • Software template export - user interface

    • revised - with a imporved usability

    • support of type: waveware

    • BIMQ specific json export via type: bimq

    • the selection of phases & use cases has been simplified

Version: BIMQ 2.8.6-3

Date: 2023-07-20

Improvements and bug fixes

Template Import

  • Fixed a bug that prevented a correct error message from being displayed when importing Predefined Types. This error relates in particular to IFC-version 4.3.

  • Fixed an error that caused the 'User Defined Type (ObjectType)' to be created incorrectly.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.6-1

Date: 2023-07-17

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Moving and copying concepts was not possible with the Type column deactivated


  • If the option Resolve & Check IFC Notation was activated, a link to BIMQ was not displayed in italics for groups with IFC mapping.

  • The resolution of IFC Quantity Sets (Qto_) in the requirements as well as its Excel export led to incorrectly displayed mapping errors for some Quantity Sets


  • The response time for the api/v1/get_concept_tree endpoint has been significantly reduced

Version: BIMQ 2.8.6

Date: 2023-07-07

This version contains mainly internal revisions and updates and serves as preparation for the revision of some exports.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.5-5

Date: 2023-07-06

Improvements and bug fixes

  • For projects with custom logo, in some cases the logo was not copied correctly after copying. This led to a failure of the PDF export.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.5-4

Date: 2023-06-29

Improvements and bug fixes

  • The assignment of the Actor is now also executed correctly again.

  • When creating a software mapping, it could happen that the page "Project Settings" could not be displayed.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.5-2

Date: 2023-06-27

Improvements and bug fixes

  • An error in the export settings for the software templates has been fixed. With defined minimum requirements, it could happen that incorrect results were output during export.

  • The Excel import (in the templates) now also supports custom mappings & languages for enumerations.

  • A bug that prevented the search from working properly has been fixed.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.5

Date: 2023-06-26

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Table settings (in templates & porject requirements) are now saved across multiple projects. The selected columns and the column width are saved. (Note: The previous settings have been reset - to avoid possible errors).

  • Excel Export (templates only): Now also the column: "Used in requirements" is exported. This can be used as a filter, for example.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.4-2

Date: 2023-06-20

Improvements and bug fixes

  • mapping name for software mappings (which are version-dependent) was set incorrectly

Version: BIMQ 2.8.4-1

Date: 2023-06-19

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Templates & Project Requirements: In the table settings, the texts for the configuration (checkboxes) are now also clickable.

  • Project Requirements: A new option (Project requirements - among others) now makes it possible to switch the display of uses on and off at all levels. This helps to avoid possible performance problems.

  • Software Mappings: Bug fixing when creating mapping entries. Sometimes the version may not have been created correctly.

Version: BIMQ 2.8.4

Date: 2023-06-08

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Templates & Project Requirements:

    • the column width is now correctly saved and restored again

  • API:

    • Error in the response when using the rule export of type: waveware has been fixed

    • Bugfix in rule export (type: solibri & waveware) missing properties - if properties within a group were assigned to different psets

  • PDF report: the 'reset' button now works again as expected

  • Mappings: the dialog for adding new mapping entries has been simplified

  • User settings: Security setting made in the timeout behavior

  • Copy process: a running copy process is now recognizable via the user interface

Version: BIMQ 2.8.3

Date: 2023-05-30

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Project setup:

    • When importing the project configuration via Excel file, the units of the requirements were not always taken over

    • Data affected by the import was automatically corrected

Version: BIMQ 2.8.2

Date: 2023-05-16

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Excel import Project setup:

    • Now displays a warning if an element is no longer defined in the requirements, but properties or geometries are to be assigned to it in the Excel file

    • Now displays a warning if a property, geometry or element is named incorrectly

  • Excel import requirements:

    • Requirements were not imported correctly in some cases

  • Search: In some searches, concepts were displayed as results that are actually not results

Version: BIMQ 2.8.1

Datum: 2023-05-09

Improvements and bug fixes


  • Excel Import:

    • Duplicates are now detected and rejected

    • IFC mappings for elements and properties were partially not resolved correctly

Project Setup

  • We reworked import and export via Excel:

    • Greatly improved performance

    • Clearer Layout

    • Note: The old format of the Excel export is only usable for some time for the import. Please use the new format as soon as possible.

  • Simultaneous assignment of multiple concepts via drag-and-drop function was aborted prematurely for a larger set of selected concepts


  • Resolving IFC mappings (Column configuration for Exchange Format > Resolve & check IFC notation) is now only executed when IFC mappings are displayed

  • If phases but no use cases were selected in the column configuration, an error occurred

  • Navigating within the tree after performing a search has been improved

Version: BIMQ 2.8.0

Datum: 2023-04-17


Templates and Requirements

  • Improvement of loading times of the entire component tree

  • New quick search directly in all components


  • The assignments of actors to discipline models has been moved to its own separate view (Project requirements > Assignment Actor)

  • Interface Format column: New option to resolve and check IFC notation

  • The option to mark redefined mappings in requirements is now located directly in the project requirements view (instead of in the project settings)

  • Moving and adding requirements and templates in the project requirements view has been removed for simplification and preparation of future functionality and is now only possible in the project configuration view

Improvements and bug fixes

Templates and Requirements

  • Updated icons; properties with values now have an individual icon

  • Switching to templates (right-click on a concepts in requirements) and displaying all used templates ("Used" column in templates) has been revised