The menu item "Templates" is divided into the subareas Project Components and Model Components. In the area of Project Components, all project-relevant Actors, Project Phases and Use Cases can be defined. BIMQ provides predefined actors and project phases according to HOAI 2021, as well as typical BIM use cases. Using the function "Template Import", it is also possible to load additional project phases according to SIA, HO-PS or RIBA. 

In the area Model Components, all components required for the project are defined. Basically, the area can be understood as a kind of library in which the data is organized and managed. Here, the model components are subdivided according to different types (Model, Object, Group, Geometry, Property or Value), which give a basic hierarchical structure. BIMQ also provides a recommended basic hierarchy here through predefined component groups. However, each user can decide for himself how the data is ordered and structured. Using the function "Template Import", it is also possible here to load additional content via publicly provided catalog templates, or to update existing content. Once a suitable hierarchical structure has been defined, the various model components can be mapped to the software applications, IFC schemes, classifications or languages.